Update on my book’s publication

After a long slog, my book, Halfway to Dead, is nearing publication. Whew! I am shooting for November 3, 2014, with both an e-book and a softcover book.   Blog followers will notice that I have removed my old posts, which have been rewritten for the book.   There are now thirty essays, divided into four categories:

We All Want To Be Special – Just Not in This Way

Strange, Random Thoughts May Cross Your Mind

Transitions Occur, Almost Like Weather Fronts

What Lies Ahead

Today I am posting two essays that were previously posted here but are now revised.   The saying “Writing the book is the easy part” turned out to be fantastically true!

Thanks for your support!



3 Comments on “Update on my book’s publication”

  1. Wendy Beckendorf says:

    I am so excited for your book! Can’t wait!

  2. haymorris@comcast.net says:

    Marci, I’m so glad that you’ll be publishing a book. I have always enjoyed reading your essays, blogs, plays or articles through the decades that I have known you.  So, Iet me know when it is published, and if you’ll be visiting the Bay Area for any book signings, or for any other reason.  Love, Harvey 

  3. Cousin Peggy says:

    Loved the two stories! Thank God I’m more than half way—I didn’t have to ever touch the leg unless it was actually on Grandma!

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